Thursday, February 17, 2005

They don't all have ear necklaces??

NRO via Vodkapundit...

It seems we don't turn our men and women out on the unsuspecting world to rape and pillage. Interestingly enough, Mary Beth Sheridan of the WaPo didn't find a single Colonel Kurtz when hanging with the troops in Iraq. Personally, I think she wrote such glowing words out of fear. She's seen Full Metal Jacket and didn't want a soap wuppin...

First of all, she said she was "overwhelmed by the military," but she did learn
by being embedded that members of our armed forces were not "blood-thirsty
maniacs." Yes, she really did say that.
In fact, she said, they were "really
decent people." And even "sweet." Of course, after being shot at they were eager
to shoot back — a military attitude that seemed to surprise her.
She also
reported that when she asked soldiers why were they in Iraq, every single one
told her, "to help the Iraqi people." Again she was surprised that the military
could create such a unity of purpose even though, she said, she didn't see any
"brainwashing" going on

Incredibly, Mary Beth couldn't find one single Kilgore over there to tell her he "loved the smell of Napalm in the morning." Rumsfeld must have gotten to her...this needs to be investigated!