Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another Geek Post (The Gamers Manifesto)

This is great. The ten things video gamers want from "the industry" now that the seventh generation of video game consoles is about to be unleashed. Sprinkled with harsh humor and intelligent arguments, this is a great read for video gamers (yeah, even those of us who only play EA sports games).

I understand that John Madden was raised by wild boars...and that he learned his few English phrases phoenetically from watching reruns of Wild World of Sports. But EA, if you want to get me revved up about Madden 2006 on the XBox 360..promise me that you won't play the same Madden commentary sound files on every fifth play. "Whoa, he looked like he was hit by a truck! A five-ton truck hauling a trailer!" Yes, you'll hear that one six motherslapping times in one game of Madden '05. YOU HAVE A HARD DRIVE NOW, taking data from a 9 GB DVD. You have NO excuse to keep recycling the same mindless observations over and over and over again until we're pointing at our television with a shaking finger and screaming "EAT ME, JOHN! JUST EAT MEEEEEEE!" as most of us do now

That's gold Jerry, gold!