Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Chris Rix is a teetotaler, (note the brushed out booze glass in Michael Bolton's hand). Rix and fellow QB (for a brief stint) Adrian MacPhersons had legal trouble to varying degrees. Now, incoming incumbent QB Wyatt Sexton has been escorted to the hospital by police after a Dave Matthews concert (see also, acid/mushroom induced hysteria) for causing a ruckus in the middle ofthe street.

Witnesses told police that Sexton had been making strange gestures, and at one point jumped onto a car. When asked to identify himself, Sexton "yelled that he was 'God,' " the report said, and acted in a manner irrational enough that the officer pepper-sprayed him.

Only when police put him in a patrol vehicle did Sexton identify himself by name. As police transported him to the hospital, and upon arrival, he reverted to identifying himself as "God" or the "son of God."

Bobby Bowden, the notoriously soft head football coach at FSU and friend to Burt Reynolds has suspended Wyatt, at least until he decides upon one part of the Holy Trinity with which he identifies.