Thursday, June 16, 2005

At least the Brewers don't play Everquest (Curt Schiiling is a ubergeek!)

Curt - My most memorable EQ and EQ2 moments usually center around laughter. So many late night sessions, things that made me bust out laughing out loud at 3am are things I remember. Drow's original Gunny, one night he was foraging, talking trash on guildies and in chat and splat, falls off a cliff and dies, laughed for 30 minutes at that one. Another one was when one of our original Coercers, Obms, was killed to the point of nakedness during an early Maidens Gulch Raid. It was like 2am, we just wipe for the 6-7th time, I turn around and there's a naked ratonga, emoting left and right about covering himself and yelling in ooc not to look. Spur of the moment stuff like that I remember. I also remember Amaryllia and Locke basically table dancing in front of a DROW recruit in EFP, then I get a tell from that person with something like "Dude where can I sign up and does that come with membership"?

anyone know what the hell he is talking about?