Monday, June 27, 2005

Roenick IS a spoiled jerk

Jeremy Roenick is a prick. A spoiled prick. After watching the video this morning on FOXNews I was hoping they would play the video of Roenick getting hit in the jaw with a puck. Is that out of line? When someone calls me out as personally as he can (a hockey fan who feels the owners AND players had behaved like spoiled children) and tells me to kiss his ass, well that's the kind of guy who DESERVES to have his jaw wired shut.

"Everybody out there who calls us spoiled because we play 'a game,' they can all kiss my (butt). They can all kiss my (butt) because we have tried so hard to get this game back on the ice."

Honestly, the doctor who unwired this fools jaw can kiss my butt.

"I will say personally, personally, to everybody who calls us spoiled, you guys are just jealous, and screw you guys because we have tried so hard to get this game back on the ice to make it better for the fans," he said. "And if you don't realize that, don't come. We don't want you in the rink, we don't want you to watch hockey. Period."

Hmm, I wonder if Al MacInnis is available to wind one up? I would think ol Al could permanently shut this chucklehead up.

I was really stunned to hear Roenick acting like this. I know the guy is outspoken and I know he has a profound love of hockey, but to have such contempt for the average guy who has been denied a sport he loves because millionaires can't decide how to divvy their millions? Seems a tad "spoiled" eh Jeremy?