Monday, June 27, 2005

A Walton Dies, DU celebrates

In a truly disgusting display not seen since, well, I guess this is the reaction everytimes someone they disagree with dies, the DU thread lit up at the news a Walton died.

This is sickening.

Maybe he will be re-incarnated as a slave laborer...

We may hope that he reincarnates as a slave.

Yep, these people do not get much of my a union person. I doubt that this will change much in the payment structure of WalMart, but not sheading any tears here I can tell you.

*walmart jingle* "Smile!.... Put on a happy face!"..."Put on a happy face! We're slashing our prices planes all over the place... so put on a happy face!" Walmart, always low prices altitudes, always.

I wonder what he had on Bushco...and if he was getting ready to reveal it. I wouldn't be paranoid if they weren't out to get me.

one down.......four to go....

His plane went "rolling rolling rolling...."

Fuck him and his family.

A truely disgusting group of people.