Monday, June 27, 2005

Sutton the Scribe

I was at the game on Saturday night (I'm at almost all the games, so I'm not one of those who isj ust saying "I was there", although, I went with a group of twenty or so, and only eight of us made it into the park, those drunks in the lot were kicking themselves when they realized what they missed) so I missed Sutton and Uecker's reactions to the blasts. Luckily I have since heard them and they were awesome. Sutton follows that great night up with this entry into his blog:

There were amazing comebacks last season, Ben Sheets' 18 strikeout performance, Scott Podsednik's 100th run scored on a homer, but being able to call the first long balls of Prince and Rickie in the same night rank high on my list of memorable games. It was an honor to call the two blasts Saturday night that turned out to aid in winning a very exciting game. P and R, thanks for letting me share it with you. Here's hoping this is just the first step in what may be a long exciting journey with the two of you.