Tuesday, June 28, 2005

UPDATE: Roenick still a classless A* Hole

In his first comments since insulting hockey fans everywhere, Jeremy Roenick doesn't apoligize. Instead he says simlpy "show the whole interview."

"Before I went into my rant, I was talking about the game of hockey, about getting it back on the ice, about what we have to do for the fans and telling people it's not about who wins or loses, it's about the game," Roenick told the paper.

"But the media picked out the negative stuff ... Don't show snippets of the interview; show the whole interview, the whole message. My message during the interview was: How do we make the game more appealing to the fans?"

Telling fans to kiss your ass multiple times then telling them to stay away isn't the best way to "make the game more appealing to fans...moron.

I've seen the whole interview, it changes nothing. Jeremy Roenick is a classless prick.

By the way, ESPN now has video of this jag pulling a Sheffield and forever killing his image.