Monday, June 27, 2005

USA Today offers up a quick and dirty hatchet job (SCOTUS "short list")

In what seems like a piece written by the lefty war rooms that are amassing at the gates to smear any individual put fort hby the President, USA Today (albeit on the editorial page) goes through a list of people they think are likely to be nominated by President Bush.

Tellingly, they rate them based on Rove's (ideological purity) and hack away where they can.

Samuel Alito "called Scalito"

Emilio Garza "what he lacks in intellectual fervor he makes up for in ideological purity"

Alberto Gonzales only pluses are that he is a young hispanic from Texas.

Edith Jones "consistently hard right. You can set your conservative clock to her"

J. Michael Luttig "darling of the conservative bar," "decreased rights of criminal defendants" (is that bad?)

Expect this to be a bit of a primer for leftists and to be quoted early and often in literature and multimedia commercials.