Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Brewers Draft: Here We Go, Rounds 19-50

Round 19 - #565 Patrick Ryan RHP Embree Riddle University, Daytona Florida 6'0'' 200lbs 5/13/1983. FB tops outs at 88-90, with a sometime nasty curve. "competitor"

Round 20 - #595 David Welch Texarcana Community College LHP 6'4'' 200lbs 6/02/1984

Draft Fun Fact: Bozo the Clown's grandson got drafted in the second round yesterday!
Trevor Bell, who went 37th overall to the Angels, is Bozo’s grandson. Bell’s father Craig is the son of Bob Bell, a Chicago legend who spent 24 years on morning and afternoon television as Bozo the Clown. The family now lives in Shadow Hills, Calif. "I never really realized the effect my grandpa had on kids in Chicago until I started doing reports on him for school and learned that there would be a six-year wait for tickets to the show," Trevor told the Chicago Tribune. "He was just my grandpa, but he was also Bozo, and we don't ever forget that. We can sit around the house for hours telling stories about him."

It seems that one of the top high school catchers is still on the board. Brent Milleville is still available, but he has commited to Stanford. I am not sure if he has made it known to not draft him or if he has a Boras-like agent or what, but he is someone I would like to see the Crew take a flier on.

Round 21 - Justin Stiers RHP Saddleback Commuinty College 6'2'' 195

FYI Nick Punto (current Twins middle infielder/utility player) is a product of Saddleback CC, and Justin is not mentioned in any news releases, begging the question...

I'm gone for lunch, I will resume at 1:30 or so. Round 22 has yet to start.

Round 22 - Kenneth Holmberg 2B 5'9'' 175 2/21/1983

Round 23 - Brendan Katin OF 6'1'' 235 1/28/1983 University of Miami Big time power, good athlete for size (muscular strong build)

And the "first-team-to-select-a-guy-already-picked" sweepstakes winner goes to those Idiots, the Boston Red Sox.

Round 24 - Michael Ramlow LHP 6'5'' (!?!) 165 LBS 3/2/1986 Owens Community College

Round 25 - Taylor Green 5'11'' 2B 11/02/1986 Cypres College

Round 26 - Jacob J Arrietta 6'3'' 210lb 3/6/1986 RHP Weatherford College (TX)

Another Whitewater player taken, Kevin Tomasiewicz (born a year and a day after me)LHP, by the New York Mets.

Round 27 - Bradley Wilcutt 6'1'' 220 CATCHER Southern Miss 2/18/1982 I will defeinitely look into this pick. A college catcher with any sort of talent should be with the club freaking tomorrow!

Southern Miss senior catcher Brad Willcutt was named Third-Team Louisville Slugger TPX All-American sponsored by Collegiate Baseball today...The Columbus, Miss., native led Southern Miss with 16 home runs, 21 doubles, 82 RBI and 149 total bases this season, helping Southern Miss to a 41-19 season, for the school’s third consecutive 40-win season, a school record.

Very interesting. WIlcutt went 4-5 and was MVP of the Coca Cola Classic Baseball Championship.

Round 28 - #835 Scott McKnight SS Saddleback CC 12/22/1984 6'1'' 155

Round 29 - #865 Dane Renkert 6'1'' 210 RHP Washington State University 10/17/1981

He was named first team All-Pacific League.

Round 30 - Omar Aguilar RHP 6'0'' 220 lb 3/31/1985 Merced College

On my boy Milleville, I heard he is a strong commit, and since he is a high school catcher, not many team are willing to take a flier yet on him. I still like his potential, and now there is a record of my desire for the Brewers to pick him. If he pans out, I can point to this. If he doesn't, no one will remember I wrote this. Win win in my book.

Round 31 - #925 Patrick Murray 6'2'' 230lb Marina HS (CA) 12/24/1986

Round 32 - #955 William Pennington 6'4'' 225 U Alabama Tuscaloosa 4/11/1983

Round 33 - # 985 Jorge Core 6'2'' Puerto Rico Academy high School 2/17/1988
"Large excellent toned pitchers frame, good extension FB runs away from RH, low 3/4 slider"

In his scouting video, he looks about twelve years old.

Round 34 - Riley Kjelgaard RHP 6'5'' 215 Indian Hills CC 1/22/1986

Round 35 - Sebastien Vendette RHP 6'0'' 165 Northeast Oklahoma A&M 4/4/1986

He was picked last year by the Marlins in round 36, big step up!

Round 36 - #1075 Stephen Barnes RHP Lake City CC 6'3'' 215 11/15/1985

He is a draft and follow guy (from

Barnes is a good sized righty (6'3", 215) that has shown a powerful arm, but has struggled to consistently pitch in the 90s. His curveball also flashes plus potential, but he needs to tighten his mechanics to become a more consistent pitcher. From his Head Coach at Lake City CC, Tom Clark: "Barnes was shut down for most of the fall with some tenderness in his forearm, so we decided to not take any chances with him. He should be fine for the spring though and hopefully will grab one of our starting rotation spots. When I saw him in the spring he was 89-91 with a curve, slider and a change up. Had excellent control. If he is healthy he should play a large role on our team." Like Johnson, Barnes needs to show consistency, and if he does while staying healthy, there's a good chance he'll be added to the farm system by June.

Round 37 - #1105 Christopher Hopkins CF 5'1'' 170 Sierra JC 9/10/1987

Round 38 - #1135 Christopher Jean 6'4'' 175 RHP Texas State University 10/31/1982

Round 39 - #1165 Bradley Miller SS 6'0'' 185 Cowley County CC 12/11/1985

Draft Fun Fact - Junior Spivey is a Cowley County CC alum.

Round 40 - #1194 - Ryan Crew SS Texas - San Antonio 6'0'' 175 8/31/1983

Cool PDF Flier they made up for him.

FIRST TEAM TO BAIL - Oakland Athletics!! Adios losers.

Damn, the Angels picked up my boy Milleville in the 39th round. This guy will be a top cathcer. Offensive pop and fantastic defense, should be a fun guy to watch.

Round 41 - #1223 Jordan Lennerton 1B 6'2'' 215 El Paso CC 2/16/1986

"Pure left hitter with power to both fields. Works counts, appreciates balls and strikes."

Round 42 -#1252 Chris Copot CATCHER 6'2'' 175lb Lethbridge CC 12/13/1986


Copot, like Patterson, plays for the Prairie Baseball Academy in Lethbridge, Alberta. The first of two draft and follow catching candidates, Copot is a similar prospect to Clay Blevins, a draft and follow candidate from a year ago, in that he bats left-handed and is more refined at the plate offensively than he is behind it defensively. He has good size and athleticism at 6'3", 185, and starred in hockey as a hard-hitting defenseman as a Calgary prepster. Copot has the perfect no-nonsense demeanor to don the tools of ignorance.

Another draft and follow guy.

That'll do it for now, I'll recap the rest of the pics later on, but I am outta here for now.