Friday, June 10, 2005

Why They're Losing

Honestly, hysterics will never win "the people" over. Recent talk from the Nader fringe about impeachment and from the Dean nuts about white Christians (does he know the GOP chair is Jewish?) can have nothing but a negative effect for the party of leftists. The only way they have won in the past is by masking their radicalism. Think Clinton and Gore. Clinton really is a more moderate lefty, but we are seeing the real Gore now. The screaming frothing bearded nutball leftist is the real Al Gore. He had to hide that to be a somewhat effective candidate, but now he has unmasked himself in the past few years.

The best part of this is that the core left doesn't seem to understand that. Perusing DU today I came across some pretty funny, end-of-the-world, conspiracy theory hysterical rantings. (I guess our fringe has the Rapture, their fringe has Orwell's 1982).

Here is a nice little sampling of my morning:

-The BFEE (Bush Family Evil Empire) has performed "one of the grand coup d'etats of all time"

- Republican Party is really the Klan Party in hiding!

- You Are Not Safe Bush is a terrorist, trying to bring America to its knees, and will "stop at nothing to attack this country." Poster implies Bush is planning another (yeah, he was behind 9/11) terroirist attack to bring up approval ratings.

- Why we are f'ed in Iraq (from the "partner" of a Gulf War vet)

- The always fun 9/11 conspiracy board (yes, updated every minute basically)

I'll keep this updated throughout the day, just so everyone can get a feel of the true leftist nature.