Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Hillary Book Implies Lesbianism?

I found this on Patrick Ruffini's 2008 Presidential Wire. This book could be crippling to Hillary Clinton's polotical career if it is written with even half an ounce of crediblilty. If it is like the Bush Dynasty book that came out last year written by the tabloid chick with no credibity and sources claiming she made everything up then, no, this will be worthless. However, it was written by a former New York Times writer, so it immediatley has a bit more credibility.

Hillary Clinton is facing astonishing allegations that she ‘embraced’ revolutionary lesbianism when she was young and tolerated her husband’s philandering because their marriage was a largely sexless political convenience.

The claims are made in The Truth About Hillary, a book by ex- New York Times journalist Edward Klein.
‘She was a mother, but she wasn’t maternal,’ says Klein, reporting that rumours were rife that she was a lesbian after she became First Lady in 1992. ‘She was a wife, but she had no wifely instincts. ‘She said she was passionately in love with her husband, but many of her closest friends and aides were lesbians. Everything was ambiguous.’ Political analysts say the book could be a devastating blow if, as expected, she runs for the White House in 2008. Klein claims ‘the culture of lesbianism has influenced Hillary’s political goals and personal life since she was a student at Wellesley, an elite college near Boston, from 1965 to 1969.
‘There was a long tradition of lesbianism at Wellesley,’ he writes.
‘At least two women who were close to Hillary would become out- of-the-closet lesbians.’ The book charges that the Clintons’ marriage in 1975 was a sham, designed to further their liberal ideological aspirations. There is also the explosive claim that Chelsea Clinton was conceived as a ploy to cover up Hillary’s sexuality.

Very very interesting...