Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Brewers Draft: Quick Update

Here is who they have taken so far, since I left work in the 12th Round.

13th Round - Ryan Babineau C Etiwanda HS (CA) 6'2'' 190 12/13/1986
14th Round- Mark James RHP Sinclair Secondary School 6'1'' 185 07/24/1987

15th Round- Michael Bell 2B Grayson County College 6'0'' 3/30/1985
16th Round-Andrew Bailey RHP Wagner College 6'3'' 220lbs 5'31'1985
17th Round-Timothy Smith RF Midland College 6'2'' 200 lbs 6/14/1986
18th Round- William Braddock LHP Gloucester Catholic HS 6'3'' 220lbs 8/23/1987

I will look up info on some of them, at this point I don't really think many of them are worth much, at least not to take up my evening. Hopefully we found some gems, and I will definitely look into Ryan Babineau but since he is a high schooler I doubt there will be much on him.

Come On Sheets!!