Tuesday, June 07, 2005

MLB Draft Results

Listening live via XM. Brewers pick fifth and are reportedly looking for a third basemen. The best two available are Alex Gordon and Ryan Zimmerman, both expected to go top four. Therefore, the first "up in the air" pick is probably going to be the Brewers. The process is different than most, as they fire off picks every 30 seconds. Therefore, once it starts, I'll stop and look into the Brewers pick.

Turns out the delay is because the Yankees aren't in the room yet...pricks.

UPDATE: Diamondback take Justin Upton, SS Great Bridge HS

UPDATE: Royals Alex Gordon 3B, U of Nebraska...DAMN!!

UPDATE: Mariners Jeffrey Clements C SoCal

UPDATE: Nationals Zimmerman Ryan 3B U Virginia

UPDATE: Brewers Ryan Braun 3B U of Miami