Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Brewers Draft: Ryan Babineau

I am going to do a quick look into the first (and thusfar only) catcher the Brewers have taken. There acctually seems to be a nice load of info on him.

He is the 28th ranked player in California, according to CAbaseballzone.

Seems he signed a LOI to UCLA. I am not sure if he was a previous pick by the Brewers or what, but here he is in a Brewers uni.

He seems to be a bit of a big deal in CA baseball, which is both nice and crappy. A guy like this, it is unlikely he will sign with the Crew, which is probably why he fell so far. He looks destined to be a Bruin. If anyone else has anythng else I would love to hear it.

UPDATE: According to Steve Trombly of tromblybaseball.com, which seems to be a CA baseball specialist, Ryan is wearing a Brewer jersey during something called the Area Code Games.