Sunday, March 20, 2005

CBS News, yet another attack on the 2nd Ammendment

I'm sitting here trying to forget about the terrible defensive effort of Sir Charles and decided to watch CBS news, as opposed to going to Rascal's and endure endless mocking for my love of UConn from my friends. Well, it turns out the lead story is a thinly veiled attack on the right to bear arms, and the ability to buy weapons at gun shows.

If the power of the .50-caliber rifle amazed Krasniqi, what amazed him even more was how easy it was to buy. Krasniqi allowed a Dutch documentary film crew to accompany him to a gun store in Pennsylvania.

"You just have to have a credit card and clear record, and you can go buy as many as you want. No questions asked," says Krasniqi.

Was he surprised at how easy it was to get it? "Not just me. Most of non-Americans were surprised at how easy it is to get a gun in heartland America," says Krasniqi. "Most of the dealers in Montana and Wyoming don’t even ask you a question. It’s just like a grocery store."

And, he says there are a variety of choices for ammunition, which is easy to get as well. "Armor-piercing bullets, tracing bullets," says Krasniqi. "[Ammunition] is easier than the rifles themselves. For the ammunition, you don't have to show a driver’s license or anything."

"You can just go into a gun show or a gun store in this country and buy a shell that will pierce armor? A civilian," asks Bradley.

"You never did that? You’re an American. You can go to the shows and see for yourself," says Krasniqi. "Ask the experts. They’ll be happy to help you."

In addition to watching leftist schlock, I am fiddling with Firefox, and have also decided to give Thunderbird a run (not the fortified wine, but boy do I have some Thunderbird stories!) I have finally gotten Firefox working properly and am adding and subtracting extension to see what I like. If you have any extensions or add-ons you use and like, let me know and I'll give it a shot. I am really starting to love Firefox.

At 7 oclock (right now) Sundance is running what it is calling "Occupation Iraq" a series of three films (Uncovered, Control Room, and Osama). I will not judge but I am recording them and will watch them either tonight or in the coming days. Expect a scathing review.

Now back to sulking over the UConn loss...for shame Mr. Villenueva, for shame.