Sunday, March 20, 2005

What a terrible day

Well, St. Pats and March Madness has sure taken its toll, consuming most of my time, energy and attention. My tears have subsided and I have channeled those despondent emotions into sheer rage at Charlie Villanueva for quitting in the last ten minutes and that idiot ref who allowed an obvious push off Williams and opened up UNC-State's freshman for three with a minute left. All I can say is that Charlie pulled a Kessel. (yes, I will get that into Wisconsin vernacular).

In addition, this morning we learned that Wisconsin hockey got a three seed and will be playing Michigan in Grand Rapids on Friday night.

Last night I had the opportunity to go watch the UWM Panthers dismantle BC (what is going on with the Big East??) at the Gasthaus in UWM's Union. Surprisingly, Barret showed up for the last three minutes to get a little face time and mug for the cameras. What a crock. When I loudly asked him his stance on vote fraud now that we can "show him some names" his lackey glared at me and they shifted positions for his response. He does look like a goof without his moustache though.

Next year UConn is going undefeated, and Rudy Gay will be the player of the year, rack it.