Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rigging Elections Redux

The former weapons inspector famous for his pro-Saddam stance and (his solicitation of teenagers for sex) before the Iraq War has accused the Bush administration of rigging the Iraq vote against the Shi'ia. Ritter claims "well-placed sources" within Iraq have informed him that the Shia'ia really received 56% of the vote, not the 47% reported. In the process Mr. Ritter not only accuses the US of fixing the election, he also manages to compare President Bush's administration to not only Hitler, but Stalin and Saddam as well. Surely a leftists triple play that will excite nutters everywhere.

In Iraq, democracy was hijacked by the Americans...The lowering of the Shi'a
vote re-engineered the post-election political landscape in Iraq dramatically.
The goal of the U.S., in doing this, is either to guarantee the adoption of the
U.S.-drafted interim constitution, or make sure that there are not enough votes
to adopt any Shi'a re-write. If the U.S.-drafted Iraqi constitution prevails,
the Bush administration would be comfortable with the secular nature of any
Iraqi government it produces. If it fails, then the Bush administration would
much rather continue to occupy Iraq under the current U.S.-written laws, than
allow for the creation of a pro-Iranian theocracy. In any event, the Shi'a stand
to lose...But in any case, the American 'cooking' of the Iraqi election is, in
the end, a defeat for democracy and the potential of democracy to effect real
and meaningful change in the Middle East. The sad fact is that it is not so much
that the people of the Middle East are incapable of democracy, but rather the
United States is incapable of allowing genuine democracy to exist in the Middle

I am sure many of you will remember his willingness to run around the talk show circuit spewing his anit-American bile and it seems it has paid off for him (maybe even as much as he allegedly got from Saddam). He is now writing for the extreme-left and revving up like minded leftists all over DU.

This is just his latest in a series of articles pandering to the ultra anti-American left wing. In addition to accusing the United States of tampering with the Iraqi election, he also says we are going to bomb Iran in June. In making his claims he failed to mention any source, other than fellow anti-American peacenik Sy Hersh.