Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Great Flu Shortage...the aftermath

The story led the news for a few weeks last year, and it was used as a political tool by the left to try and knock President Bush during the election.

Remeber this ad?

If you’re an elderly man or woman. If you’re a young child. If you’re a pregnant woman – George Bush and the Republicans have this to say on health care: don’t get sick.

That’s what they said, confronted with a flu vaccine shortage of their making. Don’t get sick.

They relied on foreign workers to make the vaccine. A company with a bad track record.

Now we're about 50 million vaccines short. 50 million.

If they can’t even deal with the flu vaccine, how are they going to deal with bio terror vaccines?

I mean, George Bush and the Republicans are so busy kow-towing to drug companies, so busy giving them billions, helping them price gouge, pumping up their profits…so busy selling us out, they can’t even get vaccines to keep pregnant woman safe from the flu.

4 more years? They haven’t earned it. Not even close.

It’s time for a new direction. John Kerry for president.”

John Kerry: I'm John Kerry, I’m running for president, and I approved this ad.

Announcer: Paid for by Kerry-Edwards 2004 Inc. and the Democratic National Committee.”

Well, it seems there was no flu shortage after all. Think Mr. Kerry will apologize, think he'll even address the issue? Do you honestly think anyone will address the issue?

More than 16 million healthy adults who received flu shots in the 2003-04 flu season stepped aside this season to let the limited supply of vaccine go to those Americans who needed it most, health care officials said Tuesday.

And yet, at season's end, 4.5 million doses went unsold.

Don't hold your breath on that Kerry apology.