Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Carpenter verbally "bitch slaps" McGee Jr.

No link or solid story yet, but TMJ just reported openly gay Tim Carpenter got in the face of Mike McGee Jr (the racist African American flamethrower who called cops accused of assault "faggots") at City Hall. Apparently Carpenter launched into his diatribe, demanding an apology to the gay community from McGee Jr. at some sort of "hate whitey" rally. Actually, I think it was more about his call for a boycott, and more outraged vitriol demanding the accused officers be condemned without trial.

The exchange supposedly ended when McGee fled to the Alderman offices with Carpenter following close behind. I expect JSOnline to get their Daywatch updated with the story, and this will surely be big news in a few hours, at least by tonight. I only hope TV cameras were there (at least tell me we got audio...ten to one says McGee called Carpenter an evil racist bigot for daring to question a man of color).