Thursday, February 24, 2005

Morning Roundup

First, this Syke's show today is great. The morning crew was fairly bland, but Charlie did play some new Churchill soundbites where he not only advocated the 9/11 attacks ("why did it take Arabs to do what we should have done long ago") he actually instructs a man as to how best kill people on Wall Street ("shave your beard, cut your hair and wear a suit"). I am looking for the soundbites when I can, but there was a family death so I will be out of the office Friday and Monday so I am trying to get ahead here today.

Just finishing up on Syke's show was Rep. Ryan doing a fantastic Charlie Rangel impersonation. He was also extremely eloquent and down to earth when describing his Social Security plan. From what I have read and heard, his plan is easily the best. I got a chance to hear him speak in 2000 when he opened at the Bradley Center for then Governor Bush. He was inspiring and it was obvious he had a bright future in the party. If he can manage to get something done with this Social Security bill, or just be passionate and get some exposure, this man could have an impressive political career.

Second, Anne Coulter has a great article today. I am a little hot and cold with her, sometimes she crosses rhetorical lines and her point is lost in hyperbole. Her article today, however, manages to straddle that line without crossing it.

First, liberals claimed Gannon was a White House plant who received a press
pass so that he could ask softball questions a perk reserved for New York
Times reporters during the Clinton years. Their proof was that while "real"
journalists (like Jayson Blair) were being denied press passes, Gannon had one,
even though he writes for a website that no one has ever heard of but still
big enough to be a target of liberal hatred! (By the way, if writing for a news
organization with no viewers is grounds for being denied a press pass, why do
MSNBC reporters have them?)