Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Too busy to post...

But I did just have time to check up on our favorite nutters over at democraticunderground.com just now over a quick working lunch. I figured they would have some very choice things to say about the purported assassination attempt. While I was wrong, I wasn't the only person thinking that way. It seems some at DU were also worried their compadres would make fools of themselves and cheer the news (or bemoan the fact that it wasn't successful). It's not a farfetched fear, since they cheered the passing of President Reagan with gusto and exuberance.

Biting my tongue - till it bleeds

Careful with your responses, people.

I almost didn't post this for fear of someone saying something

Please do not post messages or jokes that could be construed as advocating
harm or death to the president, or that could be construed as advocating violent
overthrow of the government of the United States.

Oh well, they behaved themselves today, and I personally am surprised. OF course, they do think the news is a "Rovian plot" to take attention away from a story that died two weeks ago, but hell, they can have their fantasies.

This story does not pass the smell test. They just want another "terraist"
to crucify.

In the Rove campaign-to-take-heat-off-shrub, this is another sympathy ploy.

As soon as I heard the story I thought it was another Rovian ploy to gain
sympathy for our dear president. They can say anything they want and get away
with it. Why, who is going to actually check and investigate the story? Our news

Just another day in tinfoil paradise...