Monday, February 21, 2005

President's Day

Since the marktes are closed today and there is no mail, I have off today. I'm a little upset that I am awake this early, since I was out downing wild turkey with my Hunter S. Thompson obsessed roommate last night. It really is a shame, but it doesn't seem anyone has any insights so far as to why. The democraticundergrounders are claiming another Bush hit while more reasonable people are looking to his breakneck life and adulation of Hemingway. Who knows? Unlike some, it is not difficult for me to appreciate and enjoy artists with divergent political position from mine (Dylan anyone??) so I was shocked to hear it on Drudge radio last night. Fittingly, I heard it on my way to a bar on a Sunday night, to drink with a guy who read two of Thompson's more obsure works in the last week. Being the bearer of bad news is never great, but he took it well, ordered shot after shot, and eventually stopped saying "Holy shit!"

Moving on, I found some President's Day arts and crafts for everyone to enjoy, since I will be busy all day (no work usually means no posts) you will have to entertain yourselves.

Three Cornered Hat
Cut three 12" X 3" strips of construction paper for
each child. Let the children make three-cornered hats like the ones worn in
George Washingtons Day. Have each child staple together the ends of the three
strips of construction paper(making a triangle). Children can then wear their
hats for their other activities.

Lincoln's Bracelet
Provide children
with 3-6 pennies. Cut clear contact paper in half, enclosing the pennies. Adjust
bracelet to slip on child's wrist.

Cherry Trees
Glue twigs on
sheets of sturdy white paper to make trees. Let children attach small red circle
sticker "cherries" or use finger prints dipped into red finger paints.

Game - Chop Down The Cherry Tree
Sit in circle. One player is the
Cherry Tree, who stands in center of circle with eyes covered. Adult chooses one
player to touch Cherry Tree & say,"Chop, chop." Cherry Tree falls down
gently & player returns to place in circle. All players then say with deep
voices, "Who chopped the cherry tree?" Cherry Tree opens eyes & guesses who
it was. That player then becomes Cherry Tree, & the game is repeated. We
laugh a lot while playing this!

Enjoy these wildly stimulating activities with all your friends!