Thursday, February 24, 2005

More Hitler fun at DU

This is brilliant... (why do these folks keep losing elections again?)

Bush Worse than Hitler

Hitler served in the military and was intelligent and had courage. They are both
genocidal maniacs. Bush's cabinet is very Hitleresque: torturers, terrorists,
genocidal hatemongers. To see Bush as less bad than Hitler is to subject America
to a fate worse than what happened to Germany. There were liberals in Germany
who knew what Hitler was up to. Like most of those at the du will likely be,
they were the first ones thrown into the death camps. There are 6000+camps in
the United States and HR 418 is the authorization to close the borders and turn
them into death camps. If you don't have your passport in order, get it in
order. Your life could depend on when you leave - not if you leave. American's
only current hope is the Internet. That is the only real difference between us
and Nazi Germany.