Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sports News...seriously, this made me tingle! (And Diener ends MU's hopes for respectibility this season)

Packers eye hockey on green and gold pond

The franchise is in talks with the Western Collegiate Hockey Association to
stage the main event: a match featuring the University of Wisconsin Badgers
hockey team and another WCHA opponent.

Humiliating the Gophers at Lambeau Field in front of 35000 fans would possibly be the greatest moment of my hockey-fan life. Screw the McNaughton Cup, screw the NCAA championship, lets humiliate the Gophers live on NATIONAL television.

The only disappointing this about this is that they aren't going to try and pack the stadium, like they did up in Ann Arbor a few years back for the Michigan Michigan St. game.

Marquette press conference sometime today

Announcing the end of the MU basketball world, TD is hurt, most likely for the season (why else the press conference?) Hurt his hand in practice (we talkin bout practice? come on man, practice?...practice?) When there is a story I might link to it, might not. It's not really newsworthy, they were in the toilet long ago.