Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Most used headline over the last few years?

Governor promises to veto bill

I feel like I've seen this one before. It looks like Doyle is going to, shockingly, veto any tax freeze proposed by Republicans. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that had the republican's proposed the exact same bill to the governor that he is touting now last year, Doyle would have broken out that well worn veto pen.

The Legislature Tuesday handed Gov. Jim Doyle a three-year freeze on
property tax bills, but the governor promised to veto it today...The 20-13
Senate vote sent the governor a bill locking in the current annual statewide
property tax levy for public schools, now $3.6 billion, for three more years.
The measure would also require local governments to limit property tax levy
increases to an amount equal to new construction in their communities. That has
averaged 2.6% statewide in recent years.

We can be assured of the same headline Friday when the guv decides that it is much too much of an imposition to force people to show who they are when they vote. [As an aside, I live in an apartment complex. As such, my name is grouped with all the other people (overwhelmingly young) who live in that complex and have registered to vote. I can see who has and has not voted yet with a cursory glance at the open binder on the table at the polling place. The past three election, I literally could have voted a dozen times, using a dozen names who had yet to come and vote. If you go at the end of the day with a group of like-minded hoodlums, you could stuff a ballot box. Enough boxes stuffed, the vote is tilted. Since Wisconsin is one of the dwindling states that encourages such felonious fraud you can be damn sure that organizations like MoveOn (and similar right leaning groups) will take full advantage of this and begin focusing on the inner city and Madison, where questioning a minority's motives is akin to flying the stars and bars].

The voter ID bill will be passed and vetoed, and yet again Doyle will be undercutting the will of the people. I want an ad, starting this fall, that just runs a list of all the bill's Doyle has vetoed. End it with a link to an info website. Cheap and informative, as long as it is run early and often it could be extremely effective in laying the groundwork of "Doyle as oppressor."