Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Christopher Hitchens (a man I despise for his role in the disgusting "documentary" about Henry Kissinger) writes an interesting (finally) and intelligent piece about the DOWNING STREET MEMO!!!!!!!! which not only shows (God only knows how) the President is a liar and a murderer, but it will also darn your socks and pick up your dry cleaning. Also, if you give it enough playing time I hear it will also win the triple crown.

But the main Downing Street document does not introduce us to any hidden or arcane or occult knowledge. As Fred Kaplan wrote in Slate last week, it explains no mystery. As protagonist Jim Dixon observes in another context in Lucky Jim, it is remarkable for "its niggling mindlessness, its funereal parade of yawn-enforcing facts, the pseudo-light it threw upon non-problems." On a visit to Washington in the prelude to the Iraq war, some senior British officials formed the strong and correct impression that the Bush administration was bent upon an intervention. Their junior note-taker committed the literary and political solecism of saying that intelligence findings and "facts" were being "fixed" around this policy.

Anyway, it's a good article on this latest leftist MacGuffin.