Monday, June 20, 2005

McCain: You other 86 may as well go home

I watched John McCain (D-AZ) on Meet the Press this Sunday. The show is on early and I had a big Saturday, so I thought I was a little hazy and misheard some things. I reread the transcript and was shocked to find out that McCain (D-AZ) really did say this in regards to a Supreme Court nominee:

But, in all due respect, it's not up to 45 Democrats or 55 Republicans. It's up to the 14 that made this agreement.

So basically, those of us who thought we had terrible representation from Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl, we in fact have no representation. Basically, we have just been relegated to zero say in who will be sitting on the Supreme Court. John McCain (D-AZ) has taken that into his own hands as the leader of the Gang of 14.

He does salvage this incredibly arrogant statement later on by agreeing that the "Gang" would indeed confirm (can you believe that, now instead of the senate confirming nominees, we have the John McCain (D-AZ) gang...what a crock) Justice Scalia, or a likeminded individual. I can only guess that in their underhanded negotiations they discussed the current justice and possible nominees to the SCOTUS, and that McCain (D-AZ) knows his gang has his back.

As a side note, when he made the "it's not up to them" comment I thought "wow, you are a condescending asshole." I spoke with thirteen of my friends and we concluded John McCain (D-AZ) is in fact a condescending asshole, therefore he IS, period. If you like him I am sorry, that is no longer an option. Honestly, liking McCain (D-AZ) is an extremist position and therefore, I will not allow you to have it.