Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Stay Hot Ned Yost (Not for children)

Please, if crude language and cursing turn you off, don't read on.

This is a picture of folks sitting next to me at the game tonight, don't scroll past the picture if you don't want to read curse words.

UPDATE: I was unaware Mr. Sykes was kind enough to link to me earlier today until after I posted this. So again, fair warning. This is warning number three. The F-word is used numerous times in the following paragraphs. Sometimes, sheer unadultered anger is the only way to express rage at someone who has dissapointed you and crushed your will. That is how I feel about Ned Yost right now. Again, DO NOT READ ON IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY CURSING.

Oh, and thanks Mr. Sykes.

2-0. Man on third, nobody out. The best all around hitter coming to the plate. The guy has been clutch beyond belief. Easy call, you walk Derek Lee. Ned Yost is a fucking moron who deserves to be fired. I am not easily upset like this, at least not to this level. Yost seems to be a good enough motivator and leader of men that he has ducked my ire til this point.

The man cannot manage during a game. He doesn't know when to sac bunt, when to send Brady Clark (NEVER YOU FREAKING IDIOT!!) and when to plunk a guy (more on that later). I have no idea what happens, but their are situations where either he gets caught up in the game or lost in his own thoughts of 1982 or just spaces. I don'w know, but he checks out.

The best (realistic) case scenario for pitching to D. Lee is he hits a fly ball and drives in the run. In a 2-0 ballgame where the team isn't hitting, WHY THE FUCK PITCH TO HIM???

Smarter, more positive potential outcome move: WALK LEE, PITCH TO BURNITZ. Burnitz has been pretty hot, but you let the third or fourth best hitter on the team beat you, YOU DON'T EVER LET THE BEST HITTER IN ALL OF BASEBALL BEAT YOU!! Walk Lee, pitch to Burnitz. Hopefully he K's (likely) or hits into a double play. Either way, the positive expectations are better. If Burnitz strikes out then you can pitch to ARam and hope he grounds into a double play, ending the inning.

That is the smart move.

I don't know if Yost hasn't been paying attention to MLB stats since he seems to have had his nose buried in AAA Indianapolis or what, but he obviously forgot that Derek Lee is hitting nearly .400. Fucker.

Second, maybe even larger, point. WHY WAS RAMIREZ OR LEE NOT HIT? Not even brushed back. If the pitchers on this team don't have the pride to hit a guy after drilling two game changing home runs in two nights, the manager should order it. If the players on this team don't have enough pride to try and take back Miller Park, Ned Yost should order it. Hit Lee in the back. Hit Ramirez in the hip. Hit fucking Dusty Baker in that god damn toothpick chomping kisser. I don't care how you do it, just show me you have some pride and don't like being shown up in YOUR ballpark.

Mainly this goes out to Ricky Bottalico. Yost may not have the balls to hit a guy, but Ricky has been in the league long enough to know that something has to light a fire under these guys, what better than a bench clearing brawl? I'm not asking for head shots (those should be reserved for Gary "i tanked on purpose cause I hate Milwaukee" Sheffield, another guy who Ned Yost was too big a pussy to have drilled) just let them know you're there.

Tonight was my last straw, I'm throwing at Yost's neck.

Ned Yost needs to be replaced.

Again, apologies for the language.