Thursday, June 23, 2005

An Odd Day of Culture
Today, I have experienced a broad spectrum of entertainment experiences that I feel compelled to convey.  I already promised a review of South Park Conservatives, which will follow in this post since I finished that particular book today.  In addition to finishing that book, I took the afternoon off to head out to the Ballpark for a fantastic game (a rare, enjoyable, Jenkinless game!) attempted to watch a Ben Affleck movie, and watched a bit of Senate floor fun.
Let me just say I am going to go from worst to first.
Surviving Christmas is literally one of the most pointless films I have ever attempted to view.  I tried watching it once when it first came out and was totally under whelmed.  However, since I was watching it on my computer (and having nothing else to do this evening after the ballgame) I watched a half hour or so of it on HBO.  Terrible.  At no time during this rambling, obnoxious completely unbelievable movie did I ever feel drawn in.  I'd rather watch the awful Frontline "expose" on Wal-Mart that oddly enough, I am watching right now.
Second. the senate floor was pretty interesting today.  Durbin was called a commie bastard (at least that's what the lefties and media will probably claim tomorrow) Kennedy tried to back Rumsfield into a corner and Rumsfield performed admirably, and Kerry opened his monstrous lower mandible and drawled something about Karl Rove.  I fell asleep just waiting for him to unfold his gangly self into an upright position so I missed the point of his remarks.
Somehow I doubt we'll be seeing a teary eyed namby pamby beg for forgiveness (from now on lets just call it a Durbin) from Mr. Rove. 
I don't have to tell you folks how much I enjoyed the ballgame,  I think my passion or the Brewers has come across in previous posts.  Stuart Scott still sucks.
On to the important point of this post.  I finished South Park Conservatives, an enjoyable book by Brian Anderson.  It wasn't exactly intellectual, it wasn't long, and it didn't really make me any smarter.  However, the book is still worth while.  It goes through the entire media spectrum and points out where conservatives can be found.  It doesn't cheerlead for the right, it merely point out where one can go to find conservative views.  The most uplifting chapter to me as the Campus Conservatism.  Despite much of the recent political blunders Marquette was fairly balanced when I went there.  Obviously the lit department was leftist through and through (I was way ahead of Coulter in trying to rehabilitate the legacy of Sen. McCarthy which didn't go over so well in Freshman Engish) but the Econ department (my home) was fantastic in it's unbiased, and often right-leaning (Prof. Brush in particular is a great anti-tax economist) instructors.  However, it seems that throughout the country conservative movements are growing throughout the nations Universities.  The chapter on "anti-liberalism" is fantastic, funny and informative for those who don't really know what South Park or Matt Stone and Trey Parker are about.  Overall, I enjoyed the book.  I may do a more in-depth review (doubtful) later on, but for now suffice to say that it is a good, quick read.
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