Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Fool and His Money (Let Leftists Pay More aka H.O.T. Tax)

Big fan of this idea. As idiots on the left are banging the drums for Republicans to enlist their children since "the love the war" why not put forth the same philosophy to taxes? Lefties want socialist government, pay more for it.

Just look at the money the government would rake in, hell Ben Affleck practically pledged a million and a half by himself!

“Because of Bush’s tax cuts, I saved a million and a half in taxes last year. Does anyone think that’s fair?” Ben Affleck asked at a July 2004 John Kerry fundraiser.

How it would work:

The H.O.T. Tax would ease these statists’ pain. The IRS simply would add a small box to the 1040 tax form beside these words: “If you believe you should be taxed at a rate above that assigned to your income bracket, please indicate here the higher rate you prefer. Kindly calculate your tax liability, and send it in.”

With that easy step, congressional liberals and residents of Malibu and Martha’s Vineyard no longer would have to keep the tax cuts conservatives keep throwing their way. Instead, they could send 50, 75, or even 99 percent of their incomes to Washington, so the GOP, Congress, and President Bush can spend it even better than they can.