Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Interesting Observation (Barnes and Noble)

So I am browsing the web looking for new reading material and I head on over to Barnes and noble, something I don't often do. Anyway, I went to the nonfiction section (lately reading fiction seems like a waste of time) and am a little stunned by the "Featured New Releases " page. Did the website somehow decide I was a leftist who would want to read leftist drivel, or is this the same "featured" page for everyone?

Twelve books are featured on the first page. Secrets of the Kingdom, The Plot Against Social Security, Return to Greatness, Promises Betrayed, The Interrogators, and Don't Eat This Book are all to one extent or another leftist screed's with many attempting to denegrate the current administration.

Strange indeed. There is more of the same on the second (and last ) page of books recommended by Barnes and Noble.

A quick jump over to shows that this is no mistake. Barnes and Noble is given a 100% rating by the kooks at

Barnes & Noble currently has a 100% BuyBlue rating due to political contributions for the 2003-2004 election cycle. Barnes & Noble executives contributed heavily and exclusively Democratic in the past election contribution over $78K in total. Barnes & Noble does not have a political action committee.

Hmm, that explains it.