Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Who Is Thomas Frederick? (what liberal bias?)

And why the hell does his LTTE get printed in bold on the Urinal's web editorial page?

A war on schools

Several years ago, under the leadership of Gov. Tommy Thompson, the Republican Party declared war on public education in Wisconsin. While millions of dollars in voucher payments are going to unregulated private schools in Milwaukee, the public schools in Milwaukee and around the state are constantly being forced to cut their budgets.

The debate going on now in Madison over education funding should come as no surprise. The Republican budget increases for schools do not come close to matching the costs of running the schools. Instead of working at controlling health care costs - a key reason for many of our budget problems - the Republicans are more worried about closing down a few schools in Milwaukee or seeing class sizes increase or allowing athletic programs or other extracurricular programs be cut.

The Republican Party war against our public schools wages on.

Tom Frederick
Chippewa Falls

Funny, I don't see any letters about what a great education voucher kids are getting displayed in bold on the Urinal's web page?

UPDATE: Tom Frederick is, in fact, the head of the Social(ist) Studies Department at Chippewa High School. Seems the Urinal is printing the entire offensive from WEAC. Check out more at Badger Blogger. Seems he is also involved in athletics.