Sunday, February 06, 2005

All in all, a great game

After a few months of beating up on mediocre competition, Bucky proved this weekend that it has what it takes to take on the big boys. They played fairly well last night despite the poor result (5-3 loss, with a Gopher goal in the final 41 seconds and an empty netter to close it), and I am liking the future. I have already started formulating plans for the Frozen Four in Columbus and will hopefully be there to see the Badgers bring home another title!

Side note: if you're the girl sitting behind me at the game, I apologize for leaving so quickly and will give you a call next time I hit Madison.

Keeping with the sports theme, I'll be at a downtown dive enjoying the crappy game with some friends. I'll try to remember as much as I can about the commercials, and root for Freedy Mitchell and Dorse the Horse (my last miserable attempts at winning the playoff fantasy football).