Thursday, February 10, 2005

"Fake" reporter quits...Is Helen Thomas next?

I imagine the White House pool reporters for the NY and LA Times are quaking in their boots. It is only a matter of time (probably later today) until someone finds questions as biased and loaded against the President and administration coming from those camps. Will those reporters then quit as well?

How about the guy who simply made up the booing coming from people in West Allis when President Bush wished an ailing Slick Willy well? Someone check his credentials, how the heck did he get a job with AP?

What about the "fake" teacher down in Colorado? Teaching history while being a Holocaust denier? Seems like a strange way to teach. Anyone else remember the flap over Mel Gibson's dad denying the extermination of Jews and the demand from the leftists in Hollywood that he denounce his own father?

Paging Helen Thomas, Helen Thomas to the hack reporter phone. Mr. Gannon is waiting to share a cab to Partisan Alley with you. Seriously though, Helen must be shaking in her curled up little elfin boots right now...

"Her loathing for Bush is palpable. "This is the worst president ever," she
told the Torrance, Calif., Daily Breeze in January. "He is the worst
president in all of American history..."
Thomas to Fleischer: Will you
state for the record, for the historical record, why [Bush] wants to bomb Iraqi
people? —March 5, 2003
Thomas to Fleischer: [W]hy is [Bush] going to
bomb them? I mean, how do you bomb people back to democracy? This is a question
of conquest. They didn't ask to be "liberated" by the United States. This is our
self-imposed political solution for them. —Feb. 26, 2003
Thomas: At an earlier briefing, Ari, you said
that the president deplored the taking of innocent lives. Does that apply to all
innocent lives in the world?Fleischer: Well, Helen—Thomas: And I have a
follow-up.Fleischer: —I refer specifically to a horrible terrorist attack in Tel
Aviv that killed scores and wounded hundreds. And the president, as he said in a
statement yesterday, deplores in the strongest terms the taking of those lives
and the wounding of those people, innocents in Israel.Thomas: My follow-up is,
why does he want to drop bombs on innocent Iraqis?—Jan. 6, 2003

I expect Rep. Louise Slaughter's letter about Helen Thomas to be coming any moment now