Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Okay, I'll give you my take on Ward Churchill

American Indians brought it on themselves. If they would have just let the early settlers and pioneers roam free without ever trying to protect themselves, then they would have never had any problems. In essence, the fate of the Indian is the fault of the Indian...

I wonder if I went to Mr. Churchill's class and started talking about these things what he would have to say? If I told him that since he claims to be a Native American, it would be okay for people to kill him and his relatives? Native American's probably wiped out Jamestown and Roanoake, so all Native American's should be killed. Well, maybe not all of them, but enough so that they "get it."

Isn't that basically what he is saying? All American's deserve to die because there have been people killed by American actions abroad? His comments are as ridiculous and heinous as those I wrote above (which I obviously do not believe, no thinking person could).

Firing him would not take away his freedom of speech, it would simply be taking away his tax payer funded income. Mr. Churchill would still be able to spout his American hate speech on the street corner or in the town square, Coloradoans just shouldn't have to pay for it.