Friday, February 11, 2005

Mike Adams Tackles MU

Gotta love the Town Hall daily email, lots of great editorials daily...

Anyway, Mike Adams, a guy who is simply hillarious in dealing with his own academic persecution at UNC has taken a look at our very own Marquette (written as a letter to Dean McCarthy)...

You have, according to my research, at least two gay organizations on
campus. Both organizations seem to enjoy “unfettered pursuit of truth” at
Marquette. They are allowed freedom of speech on your website and freedom of
association on your campus. Although, as a private school, you are not bound by
the First Amendment, you seem to grant these organizations certain rights
voluntarily, in the name of academic freedom.
So, how are we to resolve the
university’s position that, a) pro-abortion speech is permissible, b) pro-gay
speech is permissible, and c) pro-war speech is impermissible?
The answer is
simple: Marquette University is not committed to serving God or the Catholic
Church. It is committed to advancing the policies of the Democratic Party.