Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Post pulls a Seinfeld: "Breathtaking"

Another impressively negative budget article from the impartil folks at the Washington Post.

the fiscal 2006 budget proposed yesterday by President Bush is breathtaking
-- in the first approach as farce, in the second as tragedy...cuts as draconian
as the administration proposes are not necessary and would fall too heavily on
those who can tolerate it least...maddeningly blinkered mindset ignores the
impact of the Bush tax cuts, which were at once unaffordable and tilted to the
wealthiest Americans...those priorities are flat wrong.

Wow, it's been something like seventeen minutes since I heard the tax cuts benefitted only the wealthy, very original indeed. The fact is the Post wants there to be no war spending and a tax increase ("roll back" means tax hike). The fact that Americans don't want to pay high taxes (notice the Republican majority) and want to be safe (again, that Republican majority thing) seems to go right over the Post editors heads.