Monday, February 07, 2005

Very shrewd indeed

It seems that Governor Doyle can do more than veto sound legislation. In a shrewd political move he has proposed an enormous $850 million dollars on top of the normal public school (in other words failed schools) funding. In effect, he is going to be able to say that Republican legislators (who cannot let this stand) cut out nearly a billion dollars in new school funding. While all who follow this little political game understand that the additional money will be like throwing a gold fish at the enormous bureaucratic whale that is Wisconsin public schools (what do we have, seventy eight public universities? I swear, someone once told me they graduated from UW - Village of Elm Grove).

Thing is, this ploy will probably work, because of the media. The Urinal will lead the charge, blaming Republicans for effectively burning the kindergarten books (while at the same time stealing their illegal prescription drugs from their mail boxes). This is the time we in Wisconsin who understand the political gamesmanship must do everything we can to jump on this issue early and often. The louder the better. The path this absurd spending will take is obvious, so it is important to point out the absurdity of it now.