Monday, February 07, 2005

William Brower Update

Well, it's not really an update but since the popular Michelle Malkin has thrown a link to my site in one of her posts, I have seen a spike already (yes, for me ten people is a spike).

Anyway, I emailed professor Brower on Saturday morning and have yet to hear back from him. Specifically I asked him where he is getting his research funding from and if he is still receiving money from NASA. When I receive answers to these questions I will obviously let everyone know.

Here is my letter:

Dr. Brower,

I recently became aware of your statements and feelings about the recent
controversy surrounding Marquette University and the adopt a sniper
program. It seems in discussing this topic with a class you referred to a
bracelet, upon which you wrote "Adopt A Nazi." I was just curious as to
who it was you feel the Nazi's are? I have been thinking about it and can
only imagine you were talking about those of us who have supported this
important program, and those men and women performing as snipers and forward

I am not quite sure if you were just taking this
opportunity to attack the current administration (which is your
right, while a bit tasteless to do it on the students dime) or if you
really feel that snipers and those of us who have supported them with donations
really are Nazi's. I am curious to find out however. I am also
curious to know whether or not you are still receiving money from
Briggs & Stratton or Johnson Controls. What really puzzles me
though is the fact that you took money from NASA. Wouldn't that
make you, in your terms, Nazi funded?

As a proud alum of Marquette
I plan to explore this topic further.

Thank you for
your time,