Friday, March 04, 2005

Even more Hitler/Nazi fun at

I don't know why anything coming from those folks surprises me anymore. Today I found that this gem is the darling of the day. The creatore decides to make a slideshow in which they intersperse various images of Abu Ghraib with various images of the holocaust. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe there was a slightly different death rate among the two issues being discussed. First, I believe there have been a handful of reported deaths at the hands of Abu Ghraib guards while the deaths number in the millions for the NAzi death camps. Second, the Nazi death cmaps were just that, death camps. They served no other purpose than to herd and slaughter. Nobody is claimign that anything even remotely like that went on in Iraq. The prisoners there had all been suspected of some sort of crime either related to the terrorism in Iraq or simply for breaking Iraqi domestic law. Third, the abuses in Iraq were carried out by a small group of soldiers, all on the same shift, who were apparently working without the proper supervision. This problem has not cropped up since in Iraq.

The ridiculousness of this video is incredible. To try and take a few pictures of "torture" and place them in between piles of corpses from the Holocaust and say they are the same of simply pathetic.

Watch the slideshow