Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Thoughts after the long weekend

After a long weekend spent with family it is time to get back into the swing of things and catch up on some news. I am struggling to take in everything that has happened over the weeend, from the happenings in Syria/Lebanon to the charges in the Jude case that seem to have upset Mr. Kane.

Taking a cursory glance at some headlines, it seems that President Bush's attempts to spread Democracy seem to be taking a preliminary foothold in the most tumultous parts of the world. Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq...is it possible that we are now seeing the Communist dominoe theory applied to democracy? It is an incredibly interesting and historic time. I have recently finished reading Sharansky's "A Case for Democracy" and it seems that everything he writes is truth. It certainly appears teh president believes his ideals. All people want freedom, and when given a true choice, will always choose democracy. Since the United States has made it absolutely clear that we are committed to spreading Democracy and dealing with oppressive leaders individually in an orderly and timely fashion, the oppressed people of the world and beginning to grow courageous. As Sharansky calls them, the double thinkers (citizens pretending to be nationalistic ideologues while striving for freedom and government change) are seeing the light and becomming more open in their resistance. The streets of Lebanon this past weekend are a perfect example of this. Those who are living in fear societies aer starting to realize that someone is actively working to change their lives for the better, and there is real hope that soon they too will be able to participate. Soon they too will be able to have a say in their countries future. As Sharansky says, all it takes is a tiny spark to ignite the flames of Democracy and the passion for freedom.

It is very possible we have witnessed that spark.