Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Fine, back to the news

Is there anything more difficult than watching the news during these damn "celebrity" trials. Every single news program has at least one segment dedicated to the Jackson trial. Personally, I could care less. The man is sickening to me, regardless if he did the deed or not. Sleeping with children is wrong unless they are yours. I did see a pretty funny bit on Access Hollywood or one of those like shows. They decided to do a computer rendition of what Jackson would look like today if he hadn't taken the belt sander to his face. Alas, I have been unable to find the outcome, but suffice to say it was hillarious. Apparently the folks at Inside Edition (whatever) thought Jackson would get fat and super black.

Jiblog and The American Mind have good overall coverage of the Churchill "event." Jiblog has pictures and it looks like more are to come. American Mind has some quality pictures up as well.

Madison Channel 15 has some video on the whole deal, protestors and security.

The Churchill speech seems to be the only thing on WI bloggers minds today, not surprising.

Lisa Artis0n finally resigned after bilking taxpayers out of a month of "sick leave." Was she ever on the job? Honestly, incompetence thy name is Artison. Think Barret will be held to task for appointing such a buffoon? By the Urinal? Don't count on it.

Capital Times comes through again, this time in an editorial!?! Yes indeed. While our fair Urinal has been asleep at the wheel, burying a story about free credit reports in the business section, the Madison leftist paper is lookng out for you. Starting yesterday, al 'Sconieites can check out their credit histories for free at

In big Swing King news, the Brewers will be webcasting all of their spring training games! YEsterday they knocked the rust off in the first intersquad match, and in 2 days will be playing their first "real" ST game against the Mariners. For more Brewers info, check out my boy AMac's audio roundup.

Jonah Goldberg has an article about "blog triumphalism."'s cool website of the day is not so much cool as incredibly useful.

Words the NFL won't print on personalized jersey's.

A useful Marquette Interchange web site recently launched.