Friday, March 04, 2005

How quickly we forget, Mr. Reid

In calling Alan Greenspan, one of the most brilliant ecnomic minds of his generation, a "partisan hack" it seems the senate minority leader has decided to forget what put his party in the White House for the better part of the 1990's. Had it not been for Mr. Greenspan's stubborness in refusing to partake in interest rate manipulation at the request of then President Bush the ecocomy probably would have turned the corner quicker, which would likely has lessend the effect of Ross Perot on the 1992 election, and Bill Clinton is never president.

In addition, Mr. Greenspan acted a bit slowly to the breakneck speed of the late 90's economy, mostly at the behest of Clinton's team who saw no real danger in an ecnomy far outpacing rational growth due to unrealistic expectations.

It's funny that when someone suggests that they sort of like the presiden't ideas, Mr. Reid finds them to be a "partisan hack" but when obstructing qualified judges and rejecting any social security reforms before seeing a solid plan, that's good politics.

I think you should be careful who you are calling a "partisan hack" when you are challenging people to "go behind the pool hall and see who wins this one." Mr. Reid ends the article by saying "We [dems] could do some real harm."

You sure could Mr. Reid.