Thursday, March 03, 2005

More sports... Calhoun nets 700!

In news that no one east of Lake Erie cares about, Coach Jimmy Calhoun has won his 700th game. The win came in an important drubbing of the G'Town Hoyas. This win was special to me because it harkens back to some of the great UConn games of all time...Ray Allen v. Allen Iverson. Those games were special because they meant something and while Doron Scheffer and Travis Knight may have chipped in, it was Ray Ray who hit the wild leaner at the end of the game to advance the Huckies in the Big East tourney (God I hope I rememberd that right, I was like 14). Anyway, I don't know why I love the Huskies, I just know it was the Marshall's (Donny/Donyell) and the Allen's and the Butler's and the RIP's who turned me onto college basketball, and it is Coach Calhoun who has continued to embody everything that is great and magical about college basketball and the Big Dance.

Congratulations Coach, I look forward to seeing you in person when our Huskies drop 115 (seriously, Rudy Gay, Villenueva, Boone, and Williams a year older next's unbelievable baby!) on Crean and the MU (forever) Warriors.

Now lets go Rutgers, knock of BC and give the Conference to a loyal Big East squad!