Thursday, March 03, 2005

Yet another Kessel update

And yes for your information, I am getting "Kessel hits." It appears that the press conference will now be held tomorrow at 1:15 central time, where it still seems he will announce his decision to turn his back on the loyal and true Wisconsin hockey fans and greatly improve the chances for a (brace youself, this is terrible) 05-06 Gopher championship.

But according to one of Kessel’s teammates, he’s as good as headed to
Minneapolis. The teammate said Wednesday that he “would be shocked if Phil
went anywhere else at this point” and believes Kessel will choose the Gophers in
a news conference scheduled for 1:15 p.m. Friday.

It looks like he will be telling the coaches today, so maybe it will leak early. I have little hope left that Phil will choose his home. I hope he understands that in hockey terms, if he goes north there is no coming back. He'll forever be tarred a Gopher.

Andy Baggot (broke the Jeff Sauer retirement story) is a pretty reliable source, and he seems to think there is still a chance Kessel goes to the minors. Trust me Phil, the minors is a much better option that the gophers...unless you still wanna be a Badger? Come on!

Two sources mentioned the possibility Kessel may be taking a closer look at
his Major Junior option, which involves a monetary contract that would make
Kessel ineligible for NCAA competition. The Saginaw (Mich.) entry in the Ontario
Hockey League own his rights. Bob Mancini, the coach and general manager of the
Spirits, is a former college and NTDP coach.

So anyway, it don't look good for Bucky, but at least I can get back to work when he finally decides. This week has been a total waste, as I have been scanning for Kessel info all day every day. Soon it will be over, and by that time Bucky will be sweeping Duluth and have clinched 3rd place for the playoffs.

There is still time Phil, turn away from the dark side. Imagine a line of you and Pavelski and Carlson or any combination of you, Pavelski and Earl on the power play. You could overshadow your rival Skille right from your own bench. What would be better than to steal the home town thunder away from Skille? If you really hate this guy that much, why make HIM the hometwon hero while turning yourself into a Wisconsin pariah? By the way, your girlfriend is still a junior Mr. Kessel, she'll be all alone in Madison next year while you're up in Dinkytown. What a shame.