Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The saga appears over...

In a sad day for Badger hockey, indeed in a sad day for all Wisconsonites it appears Phil Kessel has made a decision. He has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow in Michigan, where he currently is working with the National under-18 program. According to "multiple sources", Kessel has decided to don the maroon and mustard (absolutely disgusting) and shun his native Badgers. It isn't exactly shocking, as we all assumed Phil would be heading to the Cities until this past weekend, when rumor spread he was not quite as committed as everyone assumed. If this is true and Kessel goes to Minnesota, then I will have more to say about it. For now, I will await to hear what he has to say before lavishing praise/mercilessly ripping him.

When Phil Kessel officially announces where he will enroll and play college
hockey starting in the 2005-06 season, he will end one prolonged drama and
likely start another. Multiple sources close to the family indicate Kessel,
a 17-year-old from Madison, is leaning toward committing to Minnesota over the
University of Wisconsin. But Phil Kessel Sr. Said he didn't know for certain
where his celebrated son was headed.

There is a possibility something will be leaked early, since Phil Jr. will be calling the coaches tonight to tell them his decision, which means the "winning" coach may want to gloat early. I swear, if his girlfriend had anything to do with this, she better be gorgeous. And if it has to do with some sort of Skille rivalry, I just pray we got the better end of that feud.

Kessel's girlfriend and some of his closest friends from the NTDP will be
on the Minneapolis campus in the fall. There is the notion that Kessel has
issues with the defensive-oriented system currently featured at UW. There also
is a behind-the-scenes rivalry with NTDP teammate, NHL prospect and fellow
Madisonian Jack Skille, who will play for the Badgers next season.

The Junior option would also be much better than becoming a goph... woah, a little vomitous bile just jumped into my throat there.

Two sources mentioned the possibility that Kessel could also be taking a
closer look at his Major Junior option. The Saginaw (Mich.) Spirits of the
Ontario Hockey League own his rights.

The last time an elite state player comparable to Kessel bypassed UW for
another program was in 1984, when Lane McDonald of Mequon signed with

Don't be that guy Phil, don't be that guy.