Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Totally unable to focus...XM radio suggestions

I can't keep my head straight for the few minutes it takes to read about the semi important news of the day, not when Kessel is still keeping us in the dark. The worst part of it is not knowing where to find the most late breaking college hockey recruitment news. At least the football players get press conferences televised on ESPN News. I am forced to sift through Gopher newspapers and countless message boards in hopes of stumbling onto the latest. So far, nothing. The 75% does seem to indicate more and more that Phil Sr. want his boy to come home after a few years of accelerated learning and ODP play in Michigan.

In addition to the Kessel sweepstakes, there is still the lil' EK sweepstakes that should begin shortly. We are assuming that coaches and recruiters will wait til the afternoon when school is out to call, and since this is the first year of 3-1 calls, no one knows what will happen. Basically, college hockey has me flummoxed right now and focus is impossible.

For this reason, I am researching XM satellite radio. If anyone has it, liked it, hated it or has a comment, let me know please. Basically with baseball season looming, I like the idea of listening to every single game on XM for no extra charge. I will not listen to football on TV, since I watch every game on sunday's anyway, therefore I see no benefit to Sirius.

Do me a favor and take my mind off Badger hockey (1 measley point at UND, COME ON Bruckler, get that glove up buddy!) and give me some satellite info.

Or, photoshop Kessel as a Badger: