Friday, March 04, 2005

My thought's on the Packer "exodus"

Allright, Wahle and Rivera are gone, and that stinks stinks. However, look at what the two got. There is no way that Rivera is worth the 9 mil signing bonus. There is just no way. I would have choked if the Pack gave him more than 3.5-4 mil guaranteed. The most important position for Brett Favre is left tackle, and we have Clifton. No worries there. For people who think that because we lost two guards, Favre's decision is now made, that's rediculous. Speaking from experience the left tackel is all a QB cares about. Coming from anywhere else you can see and evade.

The thing many are forgetting is that Flannigan is back from an injury that kept him out most of last year. So, we really only lost 1 starter in this deal. (Jue was never and will never be a starter. Watching that guy get on the field was the most painful experience for any Packer fan. Good riddance sir). Guards are expendible, and not worth the money they are getting. My biggest fear is that the Pack will not spend any of the money they are saving, and end up simply losing decent players, while adding nobody (a d-back?!?) of consequence.