Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Duck, Boxer is up!

Starts off on a snarky tone...man is this woman a bitch.

- Tens of thousands of people signed a petition supporting her actions?
Which petition was that?
- Believes she is doing her job. What job is that? Wicked witch of the
- Obligatory constitution reading...ooohh, adds the spice of some
Federalist Papers (goes to show even the Devil himself could quote the
bible out of context).
- Calls out WH Chief of Staff; "you do no run the United States Senate"
- More election blather...yada yada yada
- Wow, she even has the democraticunderground.com favorite MLK quote
"our lives begin to end..." up on some poster board. Your taxpayer
dollars at work California. This woman is putting Perot to shame these
past few weeks when it comes to inane posters.
- Quick niceties to Dick Lugar for his fair chairmanship
- Here she goes again...reiterating her reiterations from her first
reiterations of her first statements last week.
- "Dr." Boxer guesses a third of our troops will come home needing
serious mental health attention...I haven't heard that number before
- Back to her quote boards...I'll update if anything interesting